Today’s Thursday Tea Time tea party is inspired by Dia de Los Muertos which was celebrated Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

I started with this Sugar Skull Cuff Bracelet Black Leather Wood by ElectricPenguin as my inspiration.

 For the teapot, I chose a Blooming Gardenia Teal Teapot handmade by alinahayesceramics. I like the teapot because it’s very dark which I think fits well with the Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos mood and really draws those dark browns out of the bracelet without being too gloomy.

‘Dia de los Muertos Tea Party’ by static

Sugar Skull Cuff Bracelet – …


Blooming Gardenia Teal Teapo…


Day of the Dead Sugar Skull …


Leave Me Marigolds Day Of Th…


Bright Teal Recycled Cashmer…


Dia de los Muertos – Kindle,…


Sweet little muertos skull r…


Mexican Manhattan – BOHEMIAN…


Ready to Ship: Bright blue, …


I rounded out the treasury with a fun sugar skull garland, gorgeous bright teal yarn that could be turned into a fun craft or placemat and some bright bright bright jewelry. I like to take advantage of all the color I can before I get sucked into the red and green of Christmas!

#, #, #, #

Last weekend, I had some pretty good luck adding to my teapot collection when we stopped at a few antique stores along our route.

Kyle tried to point out a green and blue electric teapot but he just pointed at the booth so I ended up in the one next door and decided I would get this mushroom tea kettle instead.

It was really inexpensive, like under $3, so it was a good impulse buy. I also really like the mushroom motif but not enough to let it take over my kitchen. I think one teapot in this style will be enough. It’s not in good enough shape to use, but I usually only have one tea kettle on the stove at all times to be ready to warm water. After I showed this to Kyle, he showed me the one he intended to point out.

As you can see, I decided to take this one home too. It’s electric but that plug can be removed so I think I’m going to do that to display it. I haven’t tested it yet either. It might be fun to use if it still heats up.

On our way home, we stopped at a different store and I found this lovely blue floral teapot. I love the shade of blue!

My collection is really starting to come together. I don’t have quite enough to make my dream shelf yet, but they are taking over little spots in my kitchen. I have a row above our kitchen cabinets and several spread out on our kitchen shelves that I refinished at the beginning of this summer.

The new ones look great on the other shelf!

#, #, #, #, #, #

We wrote about I Need Nice Things a little while ago because it’s a great way to get prints for decorating your walls. I recently came across a great find for our Thursday Tea Time in their set called “Object Art:”

A “This is a teapot” print would look great and a little cheeky displayed with a teapot collection or alongside the other prints in the series. You have to buy them all as a set, so I think I’d put this one with my teapots and spread the rest out around the house to tie together the decor. You know the grey works great with my walls and I love bright colors.

What about you? Would you want to keep the series together or add a touch of its playfulness to many rooms in your house?

#, #, #, #

Two is Company

I had another plan for Thursday tea time today, but I’ll admit, I got a little distracted. I was hunting around on Etsy when I discovered something even better. Or, at least, something that definitely needs a mention right away.

This tea for two tea set from Etsy’s Honeybrownvintage is awesome. I’m kind of surprisingly impressed that the lid for the mug fits on the top cup, too. It’s almost genius.

My only complaint is that I think the colors and the style of the set are a little dated. Maybe it’s time for someone else to make an updated model? And next time around let’s have a lot more options than just His and Hers. I’m thinking His and His or Hers and Hers or Yours and Mine. Then it would be the perfect gift!

#, #, #, #

One of Kyle’s favorite teapots in my collection is this fun handpainted teapot. It’s covered in fun colors and feels a little circusy.

I like my teapot collection because it’s versatile enough to add something that has been somewhat amateurishly painted by hand to its ranks. I have never been someone who only collects based on a value. I’m not opposed to having something a little valuable — and I’m somewhat proud of the things I own that do have some value — but I am more excited about a great thrifty deal.

We visited the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art a few weeks ago when we took a day trip to Kansas City to explore with our friends who were visiting us. They have a collection of teapots and coffee pots from around the time that tea and coffee first appeared in Europe. It was great to look at the detail of those teapots, and maybe one day, my collection will grow to have one of those, but I know my little circusy teapot will still belong proudly on a shelf next to it.

#, #, #, #

This teapot was the second one I purchased for my collection. I was immediately drawn to the colors and the cleanness of the lines. To date, I think this is still my favorite teapot in my collection — at least, my favorite one that isn’t my elephant-shaped teapot. I collect all kinds of teapots, including many that fit with my eclectic collection but not with the rest of my tastes, but I’m always glad to find this one there.

I also got a pretty good deal on it. Well, I should say, I got a wonderful deal on it because I planned to buy it for about $8.50 but I was shopping with my mom and she decided to buy it for me!

Mom asked as we left the store why I decided to buy it and I explained that I collect teapots. She said that she never knew that about me. I assured her that she didn’t know that about me because I started my collection about three weeks prior. She laughed and said that it’s probably good to collect something because it makes gift-giving easy for friends and family. She’d know a thing or two about that because 95% of the gifts she receives are dog-related because my family has done dog rescue for the last 12 or so years.

#, #, #, #, #

I’ve decided to use our Thursday Tea Time series to share some of my teapots from my growing teapot collection with you over the next few weeks. The first teapot I purchased was this tea pot from Japanese manufacturer Toscany. I envision a beautiful display of teapots in my home at some point of my future, but this one had to be able to stand alone. I picked it out because I liked the feel of the metal handle, I liked appreciated the wear, and the colors and style matched my house. I’m still quite fond of it, and it did look great in my house positioned amidst my dining room center pieceuntil I purchased the next three teapots in my collection on a shopping trip a few weeks later.


In addition to being my first teapot purchase, it was also my first purchase at an antique show. And that’s where my feelings begin to mix. The teapot had a sticker on the bottom when I first saw it that said it was $6. I saw it, turned it over, got excited that it was only going to be $6 and started to commit myself to buying it. The man working at this particular booth at the antique show came over and said that he had $25 on it. I should have been quicker to say that he actually had $6 on it, but instead, I just got flustered. I ended up talking him down to $18 because it wasn’t worth $25 to me but I still feel like I could have gotten a better deal. It was a teachable moment, I guess, because now I think about what I would be willing to pay for something before I even look for a price. It helps me decide when I would feel okay deciding to walk away from a potential buy.


As a related complaint, I hate it when dealers put stickers on antiques. This teapot was okay because a little gentle use of acetone removed the sticker and its residue just fine, but I’ve decided not to buy pieces because someone thought it was a good idea to try to sell them by applying a sticker to an organic material like leather or wood. I want to base my decisions on how great anew find will look in my house–not on whether or not I feel like redoing my manicure after undoing some unnecessary damage to a new purchase.

Let the curator in me assure you: adhesive is evil.

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