I think I’m in the market for a new Kindle case. I really like mine, but I think I picked the fabric poorly and after having a mostly white fabric cover for two years, it’s a little dirty. And, maybe, I’m just ready for a change.

The cover I have is from Dahlia in Bloom on Etsy and I really like it. It’s a soft cover, so it’s nice to hold even if the kindle cover starts to kind of hurt my hands. If I were going to just replace it outright, I would probably go with this READY to ship Kindle 2 Cover Case eReader Cover from the same shop:

I like the pattern, I think it would wear a little better, and it has everything I really like about my current case. But, since I’m looking, I thought I’d explore some other options too.

Kindle Fire or Kindle Keyboard Cover Ereader by chicklitdesigns

These Kindle Fire or Kindle Keyboard Cover Ereader by chicklitdesigns are really cute! I love the hardcover look and they’re nicely fabric-covered inside. It’s not very soft though, so I’m not sure how much I would like it.

This  Hardcover Kindle Case by servicepartner is a nice in between. It’s reinforced with a hardback, but it’s covered in fabric and seems like it would be more comfortable to hold.

Kindle Kindle Fire Kindle Touch Case Hardcover by irisandlily

I really like the way that this hardcover case by irisandlily folds up. Both the right and left panel fold behind the kindle when you’re reading.

Of course, simple sleeves are a great way to go too. I think this little snap purse-style case by ModDotTextiles is really great and more of an accessory. These sleeves are generally so inexpensive that I could maybe justify spending a little extra and getting a GelaSkin.

I kind of get overwhelmed by all of the designs at GelaSkins. Right now, I think I’d opt for this Gustav Klimt – Tree Of Life – Kindle Keyboard cover but I really like so many. I just worry that they’d be too busy while I’m reading.

Do you have an ereader or iPad with a cover on it that you really like? Maybe I just need to be pointed in a good direction!

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f3folio iPad Case

These f3folio iPad cases are beautiful! I love the little detailing of the color and the handle seems like it would make the iPad a lot more pleasing to hold.

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I’m really impressed by the number of quality desktop (and iPhone and Android and iPad, etc. etc.) wallpaper I’ve discovered this holiday season. So much fun and elegance that really fits anyone’s style.

I usually check at the first of every month and find something great there. This month, I really couldn’t choose!

I used this landscape for my Facebook timeline cover photo.

And I love these, too. I have one on my phone and one on my work computer and one at home.

It’s nice to have some wintery backgrounds that aren’t necessarily holiday.

I found these via poppytalk earlier this month. The top one is from Geninne Zlatkis and the bottom is from Desert Friends!

My favorite of this month might actually be this one from The Fox is Black.

At least to me, the colors and the aesthetic are very Christmas without being all that religious. It’s very festive and really draws from a design era that I think fits perfectly with the holiday mood! In fact, I might just switch to it today.

What are you using as your desktop? Maybe you’re not as excited to change yours monthly like I am, but if you are using something holiday-inspired, I’d love for you to share in the comments!

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