I’m really hoping that we’ll do a little bit more traveling this summer. I feel like I’ve lived within a day’s drive of Mount Rushmore for too long without having visited it. This summer might need to include some South Dakota. I’m sure that vacation would include some visits to cities I’ve never been before, but it’s not a bad idea to include some outdoors adventures as well. I think these Fully booked tents by FieldCandy are so cool. They’re a little out of my casual adventurer price range, but they’re fun to dream about.

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I love tents with the wreckless abandon of a child. Like all children I know, I loved to build forts inside and see how big we could make them using all of the blankets in the house and creatively draping them over furniture in a room. They’re beautiful in a patchwork quilt kind of way from the outside and special secret places inside.

When I was young, I thought tents were maybe the best way to spend a weekend or a snow day. (Our neighborhood-wide snow day igloo in the ditches in front of our houses should be in the running for most epic child-built fort in Topeka, Kansas.)

But now that I’m an adult, tents seem like just a cozy hideaway to spend a special holiday with my husband — who, after all, is my best friend and favorite playmate.

He was a little sick this weekend so we spent most of Saturday in bed, watching TV and Netflix, and just hanging out. If I were more of a planner of big romantic gestures, I’d probably surprise him with a giant tent around our bedroom … or in the living room or …  in the rest of our house.

There are so many beautiful ideas for turning a room in your house into a tent!

And so much inspiration that makes me wish it was summer already and we could spend an afternoon outside.

Or share an outside evening meal together:

Or maybe even the whole night:

If you’re enjoying this tent inspiration as much as I am, give some love to the link-throughs and click the images for more fabulous tent roundups at other blogs!

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