This weekend Brendan and I made a quick trip to Fredricksburg, Texas. It’s a day trip from Austin and truly a great little town. It is packed full of local shops and wineries. They are also known for their antique stores and markets. I, of course, didn’t hit up any of that except for some breakfast tacos from Mahaley’s and some fantastic sandwiches from Opa’s for lunch.

I set out in search of the garage and estate sales and the thrift stores. Naturally.

1958 Scrabble for Juniors

At the first estate sale I stopped at, I could have gotten myself in some serious trouble. Loads of beautiful and barely worn vintage. Everything there was so well taken care of including this adorable 1958 Scrabble for Juniors set. Look at those illustrations!

Scrabble for Juniors

I snagged this with all of its pieces for $3!

Vintage Scrabble

Then I spotted this perfect granny square afghan with raised flowers. It’s in fantastic condition and perfect for my neice! $2.50!

Vinage Rose Afghan

I love vintage, handmade linens. Such skill! I wish these skills had been passed down to me. My grandmother was fantastic knitter and crocheter and my great grandmother was a master seamstress. What I wouldn’t give to be taught the same craft. Is that true for you too? This makes me want to take some knitting and crochet lessons…

Raised Flower Afghan

Then, I scored these Cole Haan tassel loafers for $3! The only reason I buy second hand shoes is if they are solid quality. These are and range in price on Etsy and Ebay for between $30-$60. Brand new, they cost over $100.

Vintage wool coat tassle loafers

When I got back to Austin, I still had the thrifting bug so I stopped in an estate sale for 50% off Sunday! The best. I got this vintage wool full length coat for $1.50. I mean that’s crazy. $1.50! I couldn’t pass it up at that price and it’s in perfect condition. Looks like it was never worn, which could possibly be true because we live in Austin.


#, #, #, #, #

Both Mary and I are road-tripping this week. Sadly, I am going to Austin just when she’s headed out of town. My brother is moving into a co-op down there, and Kyle and I are helping him drive down. Then, we’re tacking a few extra days onto our stay, so I’ll get to enjoy Mary’s new-to-her leather sofa.

Here are some of my new and new-ish accessories that are making the journey with me!

I bought this Olsenboye Foldover Tote  at jcpenney for only $14 on Saturday. I’ve been wanting a new purse for a while, and I had so much trouble finding one I really liked. Everything was too expensive, too big and unstructured, or too small. This one is definitely on the huge side, but since it folds over and has a bit of structure to it, it’s not so bad. I bought this particular style because it was the one on sale, but it’s really grown on me. I think I’d like some of the brighter patterns they have for $35, but this matches almost everything.

These bright blue skinnies are the $340 J Brand Midrise Skinny Bright Royal from MRS H version of the $4 Gordman’s clearance bright blue skinnies I bought on Friday. They also had orange/coral, mint, and yellow on clearance but for $20. And $16 dollars worth of difference made blue my number one choice. I love them! I wore them Friday night and Saturday and Sunday when I went to my parents to deliver the cat before the road trip. They’re currently in the washing machine so they’ll be ready for another wear this week!

Finally, my favorite little iPod Nano. I bought this over memorial day so I could add music to my elliptical workouts (and maybe eventually start running outside if it ever cools down). I’ve loaded it with an audio book, so that if my passenger wants to sleep on the way down or back, I have something to keep my mind active and awake.

I started The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World by David Deutsch on a drive last week, and I think I’ll really like it. Hopefully it does it’s job. I’ll be driving a rental van and Kyle will be driving my parents Highlander, so we’ll either have my brother or his girlfriend as a passenger… I’m sure they’ll be tired from moving and going away parties.

#, #

Vintage Leather Couch Nailhead Trim

Last Thursday, Brendan and I both had the day off. I spent the morning catching up on all my favorite blogs and I read Emily Henderson’s How to Find the Perfect  Leather Sofa. Her guide is great and it totally made me want a vintage leather couch. Side note: the first photos in that post are hilarious!

I never thought I would actually want a leather sofa because they are so hard to find in just the right style and not to mention expensive. So here stood my conditions: vintage or perfectly worn, not overstuffed, straight lines, fits my budget, and had some interest (i.e. nailhead trim). Hence why I’ve never bought a sofa, those conditions are super unlikely.

Welp, until Thursday that is. I talked B into taking a trip to Goodwill and one vintage shop (those were the conditions since vintage furniture hunting isn’t exactly his thang). We stopped in one of my favorites, Get Back Vintage. The shop owner, Jenny, is the only one that works there and she’s got super reasonable prices for Austin. I walked around the back and took a peek in her back room.

There it was. Covered in a drop cloth and that perfect nailhead trim poking out.

Vintage Leather Couch

I asked Jenny if it was still available and if I could take a look at it. When she said yes, I’m pretty sure you could see my heart pounding. But I knew deep down that I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Vintage Leather Couch

Then, she told me the price was $550 and she would cover the tax. Whoa, I wasn’t expecting that! I grabbed Brendan and had him come check it out. He was sold. Perfect.

That night I got on Pinterest and typed in leather sofa just to see if I could find the source of this couch. Turns out it’s $3000 (!!!) from Robert Redford’s Sundance Catalog. So it’s not vintage leather, but it’s worn and perfect.

Don’t get me wrong $550 is a huge amount of money for us right now. But, this was an investment. It’ll be around forever and will most likely always have a place in our home.

Now, what do you think?!


#, #, #, #, #, #, #

On Monday I gave you the tour through Daddy O’s Vintage Sales in Lubbock, Texas. While I was there I asked the store owner if she had any 9 drawer midcentury dressers because that’s what I’m in the market for right now. She told me to go down the road to As Time Goes By and look there because they have lots of midcentury items.

Well, I looked it up on my GPS and headed down the road. And then realized that this place was literally two blocks from where I used to live. See, I really never took note of it because here’s what it looks like from the outside. (Forgive my Google screen shot)

Yep, it looks tiny and it’s in a strip mall with Ace Hardware and a gas station. I knew it was there because I’ve been to that Ace Hardware multiple times. Honestly, from the outside is SOOOO deceptive. Also, the sign above the doors say “ANTIQUES” really large and then the name. So, I thought it was just a small antique store.

Oh no, it’s surprisingly large and packed with tons of midcentury and vintage beauties! There are booths being rented out so it’s not all MCM but there are multiple booths with some really great finds. See, here’s an aisle shot from one of four aisles.

The ceilings are very high. Here’s the booth that I realized every single item in there was something that I want.

Do you see all of the goodness in there?! There were a pair of those awesome green chairs. Look at that orange and black stool, those textiles, that awesome rug, and OH that lamp! It’s all so pretty.

Just down the way from that spot was a booth containing this…

Amazing, right? There wasn’t a scratch on it and it was $575 firm. I think it was an RCA Victor but I can’t remember the style. I can’t believe it’s been preserved so well.

In this same booth stood this awesome lamp.

It was so tall and so sleek. Also, in practically perfect condition. The price was about $250.

Right when I walked in the store, this chair greeted me. Isn’t it unique?

The upholstery was in great condition and look at all of the shape this chair has while still remaining sleek. So pretty, right?

I can’t believe I’m just now discovering this store. If you’re in Lubbock you must stop by here! So many unique finds. Oh, and I didn’t even tell you about all the MCM lamps. They were everywhere and super reasonable. I told Brendan that the next time I go back to Lubbock I’m taking a trailer and loads of cash. You know, in my dreams.

That wraps up my trip to Lubbock and I really enjoyed finding these great shops! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

#, #, #, #, #, #

Happy Monday, everyone! Last week I was in Lubbock, Texas visiting my family and I also managed to bring a cold back with me. Although, while I was in Lubbock I ventured out to one of the new vintage shops. This place popped up after I moved from Lubbock and so I was really happy to go and check it out.

Daddy O’s vintage is a small store inside a little strip mall. It’s not large but I was really impressed with the items they did have and the prices! The store owner was working while I was in there. So I got to chat with her for a bit. I love that. Small shop and super nice people who love vintage finds. My kind of place.

She admitted to me that she’s an avid Pyrex collector and you can tell by this lovely wall of vintage Pyrex. So pretty.

Also, all of the items that I looked at were in really good condition. The furniture were priced super reasonably too. They were probably about a third of the price of what I’d find in Austin. So that’s awesome. I was really wanting a huge truck and huge budget to bring so much of this vintage goodness back with me.

This chair was only $30 and I really wanted to bring it back for my desk. But, I think I’m needing something a bit more comfortable.

These chairs were $125 for the pair. She was also very willing to work with me on prices.

 I don’t normally gravitate toward western themed items, but I loved this vintage covered wagon. Isn’t it so sweet? This would be great in a little kids room.

There were so many more great items in this place. If you’re in Lubbock you’ve got to check out Daddy O’s vintage. Unfortunately, they are only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the other gem I discovered while in Lubbock. Total mid-century modern dream.

Have a great rest of the day!

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This past weekend my family and I got to take a trip out to Horseshoe Bay, Texas to see the 2011 Southern Living Idea House. I was super excited to go because the 2009 Idea House in Port Aransas, Texas was AH-MAH-ZING.

The 2011 house was in the Escondido Golf Reserve. The house is 6,000 square feet with 22 rooms. There was a small guest house the back yard with a small pool.

So, I mostly want to cover the elements of the house that I loved, because there was a lot that I didn’t love.

The home was accented with wrought iron chandeliers, bright natural light, and barn wood tall ceilings. Barn wood and natural lighting I’m a big sucker for.

This was really cool. In the hallway, they took an antique french armoire and placed it in the wall. Such a cool idea for storage, but it might have looked better without the legs? I think that leaving the legs made it look like it was floating which I’m not so sure I’m down with. What do you think?

The kitchen was really beautiful, but seemed super small for the huge house. You just can’t go wrong with white subway tiles and dark cabinetry. I really like the open shelving but just don’t feel like it was enough. The railroad ties are awesome but they needed more storage. Maybe two shelves instead of just one. Or upper cabinets that went to the ceiling and the railroad ties underneath. I do really enjoy the romance that’s happening in this corner, though.

My absolute favorite element in the house was the peek-a-boo haint blue coming from the mudroom through that archway. Very pretty.

Another favorite of mine was the library area. Although it was over styled with too much furniture. This tufted chair next to those bookshelves was great. Also, hanging art on a bookshelves just adds so much depth and interest. The gold frame really added to the bookshelf too.

This was a great detail in the bathroom. There were floor to ceiling mirrors and the frame you see was simple white, marble tiles added to the mirror. The light color allows your eye to still move around the room but adds just the right amount of interest to the mirrors. Loved this detail. I’m iffy on the sconces though. (Also, why am I scrunching my face up like that?)

Across from the mirror the arches were emulated in this detail above the shower entry. It added such interest to the straight lines of the rest of the bathroom, I loved that.

Here’s that haint blue mudroom I mentioned that you could see from the kitchen. It’s so pretty right? Everything was painted in that color and contrasted by the dark countertops. Although, as my mom pointed out, the paint was done in a flat finish. For a mudroom, this is a major no-no. It won’t be before long that this all starts looking scuffed up, but in the meantime it’s really beautiful. The lighting was a great choice!

The wash area of the mudroom. This arch detailing was all through the house.

I’m a sucker for a trifecta of succulents. So pretty.

This table was something I stood and stared at for a good five minutes. I really, really wanted to love the varying heights of the chairs and think that this was something new and awesome. But, it’s just not. I think this is one of those ideas that sounds cool, but when you finish it you realize that it just breaks up the flow of the room. (Gosh, I sound so negative.)

There were lots of elements of this house that I liked and then a lot that I didn’t like at all. There were some issues with styling. Some rooms came across disjointed and looked too styled. Several times walking through the house, I found myself thinking “what’s that about?” or “why did they chose that?” The interior design and styling did feel purposeful, intentional, or functional (my family agreed too). Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely moments where it did, but lots of moments where it didn’t. Some things just needed to be scaled back and I would have loved to see more forward designs.

However, the architectural detailing was so beautiful and thoughtful. There were considerations for flow and lighting. The home felt warm and inviting. So, it’s too bad it was styled the way it was. Although, some of the furniture choices were quite beautiful.

I guess overall I was a little let down because the 2009 Idea House was, again, ah-mah-zing!

What do you think? Did you get to go? Any Southern Living Homes you’ve been to and loved?

#, #, #, #

Recently, I was finally able to put into words what’s going on in my house in terms of design. First, let me give you some back story. I went straight from my parent’s house into the college dorms, took a little detour from college for about a year and decided that having no money was not fun, moved out to Lubbock, Texas for school, graduated my undergrad and then dove straight into grad school. Over all of that time, I’ve had 12 roommates! So, moving on, needless to say my house has always been a mesh-mash of family hand me downs, Craigslist finds, and roommate leftovers.

I’ve realized that even though I’m still thrifty like I was during college, my style shouldn’t look like I’m still IN college.

This all leads me to this one little corner in my house that I finally took a nice long look at and decided I HATED it! Well, except for that sweet little dog that makes her way into most photos! Hi, Jackie-O! That bulky black stand up fan was awesome when my parents got it from Wal-Mart seven years ago. Too bulky and I’m not digging the black…at all. The lamp shelf thing I bought off a friend for $10 when she was about to move. I hated dusting it and it was always filled with random knick knacks that felt forced. Also, the black metal doesn’t go with my house.

So, into the garage sale they went! Yay!

Then the corner sat empty for about two months. I went back and forth on what to do with it and here’s what we’ve got now…

Ah…much better. I found this lovely little record player at the same Goodwill where I bought my Lane cedar chest. They have an auction every week and this was one of the items. It’s a Webcor Musicale. I told myself I wouldn’t pay more than $50, because it still needs some work (possibly just a tune up).

How the auction works is that the items are on display for the week and there’s a note book you can write your bid in (kinda like a silent auction). Then on Saturday at 4 o’clock they begin the auction. The record player was already at $50 in the book when I got there and I almost left. But, instead I decided to hang around and just see how the auction went. Everything was going for only 1 buck over the price in the book. It was madness to me! Only a dollar over!? So, I figured I’ll bid $51 and just see if I get the piece. Sure enough, the record player came up and no one bid on it so I threw my hand in the air for $51! Once, twice, sold and it was mine!

I knew it would fit perfectly in this space and it totally does!

Here’s the breakdown of everything else in the photo.

The beautiful orchid was a completely unexpected gift to me from a friend recently. It’s so beautiful.

 I placed it on this lovely Taylorstone Moderne saucer that came with a set of four for $4 at an estate sale. Here’s an Etsy posting with the same saucers: Taylorstone Moderne – 8 Saucers

The glow on the orchid pot is from this little brass candle holder I got this weekend at an estate sale for only $2! I love the light that comes through the little clover cutouts.

This paint by number is exactly what I wanted for this space. I’m not in love with the frame and so I might paint it eventually or do an awesome antique silver leaf. I got this PBN on my trip to Chicago at Edgewater Antique Mall. The price was $28 and it was 20% percent off, so with tax I think I paid about $25ish.

Price breakdown:

Vintage record player- $55 (w/ tax)

Orchid: Free

Brass candle holder: $2

Vintage Daher tin: $6

Vintage saucer: $1

Horse Paint by Number: $25

Total: $89!!!

Have you been to any Goodwill auctions? Do you have a small before and after you’ve done recently? We’d love to see it! Just put your link in the comments below!

I linked up over at Her Library Adventures and Apron Thrift Girl.

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