Right now Brendan and I are hosting friends who flew in from California and New York. It’s so nice having everyone here! Yesterday, one of our friends suggested that we check out The Cathedral of Junk. Cathedral? Junk? I’m down.

It’s located in South Austin and created by Vince Hannemann. You walk up his short drive way and ring the gong to see if Vince is around. If he’s not, you can just give him a call because his number is right by the fence.

At first, all you see is a pile of junk and then you start to notice how purposeful everything seems to be.

There was the rolling hills of bowling balls, roof of rubber duckies, and most of it was organized by color. The cathedral area is three stories and the way up is by tire stairs.

If you happen to find yourself in Austin, you’ve got to go. It’s completely free and totally worth it! Definitely Keeping Austin Weird!

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Last weekend I had a great time hunting around for finds. I stopped by The Rusty Chandelier in St. Joseph, which is one of my favorite antique/vintage shops in my area. I was looking for something that would work as sidetables for our bed but (as usual) ended up with a bunch of other great finds that didn’t fit my original goal at all.

I actually scored all three of these things at the same booth called “En Vogue Vintage”! It was so beautifully decorated that I think if I would have looked much longer I would have ended up buying a lot more. Most of her items were white, off-white, or gold and she had handmade beautiful little tags for them and displayed them all on an old painted white vanity with a beautiful rounded mirror. Her prices were (as you will soon see) really wonderful.

I bought this little japanese cut glass dish for $1.50. It now lives on the bookshelf in our entryway. We have a little bowl that catches our keys there already but this is perfect for loose change or chapstick or anything else that needs to be returned to pockets on  your way out our door!

I bought this pocket watch necklace for $7.99. It’s so beautiful and it came with a very long chain so I feel like it’s super stylish too. I don’t think this is vintage because she had maybe five or six that were very similar — a few with crowns, one with an eiffel tower, and one with a fleur de lis. I love it though! It’s so fun to press the little button and see the time. The length is about perfect for me and should make it easier to wear this with another necklace or two.

My final purchase was this set of cappuccino cups and saucers. The whole set was only $3.99! You might be thinking that the price makes sense because it’s missing three cups, but to me it’s like paying $3.99 for a set of six cups and saucers and getting three free saucers to use in projects! I’m sure you’ll be seeing the saucers again soon.

#, #, #

On Monday I gave you the tour through Daddy O’s Vintage Sales in Lubbock, Texas. While I was there I asked the store owner if she had any 9 drawer midcentury dressers because that’s what I’m in the market for right now. She told me to go down the road to As Time Goes By and look there because they have lots of midcentury items.

Well, I looked it up on my GPS and headed down the road. And then realized that this place was literally two blocks from where I used to live. See, I really never took note of it because here’s what it looks like from the outside. (Forgive my Google screen shot)

Yep, it looks tiny and it’s in a strip mall with Ace Hardware and a gas station. I knew it was there because I’ve been to that Ace Hardware multiple times. Honestly, from the outside is SOOOO deceptive. Also, the sign above the doors say “ANTIQUES” really large and then the name. So, I thought it was just a small antique store.

Oh no, it’s surprisingly large and packed with tons of midcentury and vintage beauties! There are booths being rented out so it’s not all MCM but there are multiple booths with some really great finds. See, here’s an aisle shot from one of four aisles.

The ceilings are very high. Here’s the booth that I realized every single item in there was something that I want.

Do you see all of the goodness in there?! There were a pair of those awesome green chairs. Look at that orange and black stool, those textiles, that awesome rug, and OH that lamp! It’s all so pretty.

Just down the way from that spot was a booth containing this…

Amazing, right? There wasn’t a scratch on it and it was $575 firm. I think it was an RCA Victor but I can’t remember the style. I can’t believe it’s been preserved so well.

In this same booth stood this awesome lamp.

It was so tall and so sleek. Also, in practically perfect condition. The price was about $250.

Right when I walked in the store, this chair greeted me. Isn’t it unique?

The upholstery was in great condition and look at all of the shape this chair has while still remaining sleek. So pretty, right?

I can’t believe I’m just now discovering this store. If you’re in Lubbock you must stop by here! So many unique finds. Oh, and I didn’t even tell you about all the MCM lamps. They were everywhere and super reasonable. I told Brendan that the next time I go back to Lubbock I’m taking a trailer and loads of cash. You know, in my dreams.

That wraps up my trip to Lubbock and I really enjoyed finding these great shops! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Happy Monday, everyone! Last week I was in Lubbock, Texas visiting my family and I also managed to bring a cold back with me. Although, while I was in Lubbock I ventured out to one of the new vintage shops. This place popped up after I moved from Lubbock and so I was really happy to go and check it out.

Daddy O’s vintage is a small store inside a little strip mall. It’s not large but I was really impressed with the items they did have and the prices! The store owner was working while I was in there. So I got to chat with her for a bit. I love that. Small shop and super nice people who love vintage finds. My kind of place.

She admitted to me that she’s an avid Pyrex collector and you can tell by this lovely wall of vintage Pyrex. So pretty.

Also, all of the items that I looked at were in really good condition. The furniture were priced super reasonably too. They were probably about a third of the price of what I’d find in Austin. So that’s awesome. I was really wanting a huge truck and huge budget to bring so much of this vintage goodness back with me.

This chair was only $30 and I really wanted to bring it back for my desk. But, I think I’m needing something a bit more comfortable.

These chairs were $125 for the pair. She was also very willing to work with me on prices.

 I don’t normally gravitate toward western themed items, but I loved this vintage covered wagon. Isn’t it so sweet? This would be great in a little kids room.

There were so many more great items in this place. If you’re in Lubbock you’ve got to check out Daddy O’s vintage. Unfortunately, they are only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the other gem I discovered while in Lubbock. Total mid-century modern dream.

Have a great rest of the day!

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After visiting St. Louis, we made our way to Carbondale, Illinois where Kyle went to college. In Carbondale, we were mostly visiting friends who we have there from when Kyle went to SIU and some friends new to Carbondale who we know through debate. Since it was vacation, we stopped at an antique mall along the way in Nashville, Illinois.

Most of my luck at Perry County Antique Mall was with tea pots, but there were some other interesting finds there too.

This table was really cool. I like the decal a lot and I love how it was staged with the Fiestaware in the store. It was in very good condition, too.

This chair and settee were probably the best deal. I didn’t make a list of prices (Silly me, thinking I’d have time to write all the posts while I was getting back in the groove of work and still remembered), but I think this was in the $300-400 range and 20% off. The wood was in really good shape. I’m not sure if the upholstery was original but I’ve seen other Eastlake settees with similar upholstery so it may have been. It was definitely in good shape, too, so overall I think this was a great deal!

This card catalog was really cool. It was about the perfect height to be turned into a kitchen island.

This beautiful furnace was so cool. Its price tag definitely matched the quality but for someone looking to make the investment, I think it would have been really worth it.

Overall, Kyle and I thought the prices at the antique mall were kind of all over the places. A lot of booths had really fair prices (like the table) and others were strangely high or strangely low. There was a lot of variety and it was big enough to be totally worth pulling over on the drive.

I know that antiquing is something people do on their road trips, but this was the first time that Kyle and I really did. I think we’ll probably do it more often on road trips because it was a nice way to break up the trip and it makes even the drive feel like a good part of the vacation. Have you had good luck with roadside antique malls on your road trips?

#, #, #

I’m really hoping that you all aren’t super tired of hearing about the trip that I took way back in JULY. Remember I went to Marion, KS, Kansas City, MO, St. Louis, and Chicago? So, hang in there because I’m almost done. Promise!

Also, remember my post about Breckenridge, Texas were I swore at myself like a sailor for losing my pictures. Guess what?! I found some of them! Yay! Enough to give you my Thrift Tourist write up about Mendelson Liquidation Outlet, anyway. ***Disclaimer, settle in for a lot of photos, y’all...

But first, we went all the way to a suburb of Detroit, MI to go here…

That’s not just any Estate Sale, my friends. Nope, it’s a CASH AND CARI Estate Sale. I was super pumped!

When we got there, they were filming. We walked in toward the end of the sale so Cari was just chillin’ in the living room in a recliner. We chatted with her about where we were from and then checked out the rest of the sale. The home was of a serious collector of Americana. Also, there was a gigantic Barbie. Honestly, she (the Barbie) was a little creepy.

Cari was super nice and so was everyone else working there. I didn’t get a picture with her because I don’t want to be that type of fan. Also, my biggest reason, I had just gotten out of the car after riding for five hours so let’s just say I wasn’t exactly camera ready. Anywho, super cool experience and so glad we went. We actually didn’t buy anything, though.

She did reply tweet to me, so that was nice!

Okay, on to Dayton, Ohio. We went to the Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market where I either didn’t take any photos or lost all of mine. Poop. Drat.

After there we went to downtown Dayton and hit up Mendelson Liquidation Outlet. Here’s the Apartment Therapy Marketplace page and their Ebay site. They don’t really have a website.

First, let me just say “Holy Outlet Shopping, Batman!!!” When we walked into this place (two buildings and three huge floors), I’m pretty sure our mouths just dropped. This is the graveyard where all closed retail shops, restaurants, schools, whatsoever go to rest.

It was super overwhelming at first. There were rows, rows, and more rows of old fixtures from retail shops. Like, jewelry display cases, shelving, books cases, tables, booths, and so much more.

After this building, we went over to the main building (the one from the picture above). It’s got five floors and three of which are accessible to customers. The final floor we went on was nothing but electrical supplies and hardware. Insane.

Too rainbowlicious not to grab a photo of.

Rows of chairs…

I seriously considered purchasing these crates, but my wise mother talked me out of them. She noticed that they weren’t just dirty but that dirt was oil. I was too blinded by their rustic, box crate-y goodness to see that this oil residue would be a nightmare. Thanks, Mom!

Also, on this floor were more storage solutions that I could wrap my mind around (can you tell I was a wee bit overwhelmed?). Wouldn’t these be awesome in an office/craft/sewing space? Bolts of pretty patterned fabric folded up in these?

If I had room in my house or in the car, these old, school chairs would have come home with me. For what, I don’t know, but they were fab. One in every color would make an awesome kiddos art space. Not that I have kiddos, but I do have a niece and nephew!

More storage solution goodness…

These rainbow patterned dishes made me pause. I thought they were so sweet and pretty. We don’t need them and I’ve already got too many coffee mugs. Cute though, right? Oh and if you notice, the plates didn’t have the yellow that the mugs did. Bummer.

Did you hang in there? Through all those photos? Thanks!

Can you believe I didn’t even show you all the clothing, industrial kitchen supplies, books, outdoor furniture, lighting, lockers, and more? That’s how huge this place is! If you find yourself in Dayton, OH you must stop in here! If not to buy, just to look. Also, this place makes you wonder why anyone would ever buy anything new for their store. Mendelson had it all!

#, #, #, #, #, #, #, #

As you know, I took a vacation from work last week. I spent Sunday and Monday in Omaha with my Mom, celebrated my anniversary with Kyle on Tuesday (our actual anniversary) and Friday-Sunday (in St. Louis and Carbondale), and organized my bathroom and kitchen in between. For the next couple weeks, I’m sure I’ll be sharing all of my fun finds vintage shopping over vacation and all of my progress on the organization.

My trip to Omaha was before I had a little more room to spend some money on anything so I did more window shopping — and being treated — than anything else. On Sunday, we went to dinner in the Old Market are with my mom and my friend David. We wandered around for a while and did some vintage shopping at the stores that we walked by that were open despite it being a Sunday evening.

My favorite true window shopping finds, from a store that was not open on Sunday, were these kitschy canisters. In addition to the downers bottle the window also had a Prozac bottle and several others.

The first store we actually made it into was ReServe, an Omaha Goodwill location in Old Market. I really liked ReServe and I’m sure that if I lived in Omaha I’d be there a lot more often. It basically curated Goodwill donations into a store that had a lot of clothing and decor that would appeal to the clientele of the Old Market. It fit in really well with the other stores, was a little higher priced than most Goodwill locations I’ve been to, and had a great selection.

This ship/lamp isn’t really my style, but it seemed like something my friend James would love, and I could see someone really managing to class it up.

Next, we popped in to Fairmont Antiques & Mercantile. They’re combined with Hollywood Candy that has old candy and novelties and my mom really loved shopping around there and reminiscing about the candy she used to eat. I really liked this priest’s chair which was one of a set. Though these aren’t the most comfortable chairs, I really like the lines of them and, to me, they’re so recognizable and familiar that it would be fun to play with them in the design of a home.

Also at Fairmont, I was really delighted by this faux-Sowei mask. I wrote a paper about the actual masks in undergrad and have studied African art as the topic of my thesis and a few classes in graduate school, so I know a thing or two about African art. But, I also am most interested in the way that Americans incorporate Africa into popular culture. The mask this is clearly based on is actually a female mask despite the tag that tells you that it’s of a king. Also, the real deal is worn on your head. You can’t tell in this picture but this is so heavy!

After the shopping we finally decided on dinner at Nicola. I’d downloaded the Design*Sponge City Guide before our trip and the author of the guide had noted that this was a good Italian place and it really was. My ravioli were amazing and I had a good (but inexpensive) glass of wine with dinner. I was really in love with their wine list. I think the burnt letter on cork would be a good DIY for a homemade journal or photo album — or wine list?

After our Sunday adventures, we went to the zoo Monday. I had a really great time at the Henry Doorly Zoo. We used to go every few years when I was younger and it was great to visit as an adult. Since school is back in session in this part of the country, the only children who were at the zoo were all younger than school age. I’m convinced this is the only way to go to the zoo. No crowds. Better weather than most of this summer has been giving us, and still just enough kids to remind you of the magic of going to the zoo.

And there were so many babies! The one I’m most excited about is this baby dama gazelle who was only 15 days old. The sign said that baby gazelles usually just lay/hide in the tall grass until their mother comes around to feed them but the spot this one picked to hide was right next to the fence so we could see it so well.

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