iGattipardi color tile

The iGattipardi tiles are a glazed porcelain tile series by 14 Oraitaliana available through Stone Source. I’ve loved tile since I started doing mosiacs my freshman year in college. These are so striking and graphic they would be an awesome addition to any home.

iGattipardi tile

Each tile is 2’x2′ and so the designs create so much impact. I think how large these tiles are is the most impressive aspect to them (next to the design, of course).

14 Oraitaliana

Each tile is truly beautiful and I wish that I could use these in my rental kitchen. I’m loving that black, white, turquoise, and mustard tile above. So pretty and graphic!

iGattipardi Colored Tile

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Jess’s Picks

  • In case you’re worried that I’m only interested in personal beauty things, I also fell in love with this palette reading-corner bed at Rusta Upp. I featured the blog a few weeks ago in a Friday Reader Roundup, but it’s so good that it’s worth it just for the pictures even if the text isn’t your native tongue.
  • I have to give some love to this write-up about big dogs at Offbeat Home. I love all dogs big and small and I’ve ridden shotgun on a few twelve-hour drives to make sure a dog makes it to a good rescue. If a dog is part of your home, it’s important to understand the commitment and this is a great guide to sharing your home with a dog big enough to have (and lovable enough to deserve) it’s own bedroom.

Mary’s Picks

  •  Have you browsed around much on Kickstarter? It’s fun. Recently a friend pointed me to the All Thrifty States project, and now that it’s been completely funded I’m really looking forward to seeing more about it.
  • One of my favorite aspects of my sister’s 1950s bungalow in Houston, Texas is that it has the original hexagon white tiles accented with powder blue tiles in the bathroom. It’s lovely. Well, this week Pam Krueber over at Retro Renovation has been revealing her best find yet, World of Tile. It’s truly an amazing store and I really, really wish I lived near Springfield, NJ to go shop here.
  • Do you watch Design Star? I really love that show and this year it’s even better with the changes they’ve made. I mean, they’ve produced my crush, Antonio Ballatore and the only designer whose every aspect of their work I LOVE, Emily Henderson. This past Monday was the premiere and here Emily wrote her reviews about the show. She cracks me up and I totally agree with her about the judges focusing way too much on execution. I mean, if you took on wallpaper, you would hire someone.
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