I love typography. I’m not an expert at it, but I certainly respect it as, at least to me, one of the most tedious and substantial forms of design given that letters are the basis of the content that drives so much practical design. I’m always excited to come across some vintage letters and always hope that whatever letters are available will be something that for whatever reason can be twisted into words or initials that are meaningful to me.

1. Industrial Salvaged NOIR Metal Letter Sign 2 FtTall by joevintage; 2. Vintagestyle ‘Old English’ Letter ‘T’ Painted Wood by Northstar50; 3. Simply ME Custom INITIAL Typeset Bitty Charm by princessbydesign; 4. Antique Letterpress Printers WOOD TYPE by TurnersCollectibles; 5. Various LETTERPRESS WOOD PRINTING BLOCKs type by bicigirl on Etsy; 6. Letterpress Type Drawer or Shadowbox / by ConceptFurnishings; 7. Wooden letter B nursery kids wall art letter by LettersofWood; 8. Vintage Marquee Letter Sign by THEFARMERSSHOP on Etsy; 9. Antique Enamelware Letters for Sign Your Choice by veraviola; 10. Letter a wooden lower case handcut hand painted by LettersofWood; 11. Mid Century Type Writer Smith Corona 250 by jojosvintagecupboard.

It’s maybe no coincidence that this summer I have been devouring BLTs (made with faux bacon, of course) + avocado and somehow B, L, T, and A, all found their way into this series.

#, #

I came across Bellalulu Vintage while looking for items for my Happy Birthday to myself treasury back in March. This shop is so cute, full of great thrift finds, and beautifully staged, that I keep returning to it for inspiration.

Vintage Wooden Crate The Book of Knowledge by bellalulu on Etsy. When I was little, I was pretty into encyclopedias — I think I really needed the invention of Wikipedia –and my family had a set of The Book of Knowledge. In addition to this being a more unique crate than most of the thrift ones you find for sodas or produce, I’d like to add that little hat tip to something I enjoyed as a child in my home.

Vintage Fencing Mask by bellalulu on Etsy. I think fencing is a really fascinating sport. I’ve been interested in it since I first read Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden in middle or high school and the couple meets for the first time at the armor section at the Met in New York (or maybe it was when I watched Lost and Delirious for the first time. Either way, I highly romanticize fencing as I associate it with some of my favorite bittersweet love stories. ) I’m off track now, right? Okay. Well. Fencing. It’s interesting, and this fencing mask would make great decor. I imagine it would be a bear to dust though, so maybe  stock up on some compressed air!

Vintage Letter M Flag by bellalulu on Etsy. If the $40+ price tags of the last two items scare you off, have no fear. There are plenty of sweet little finds for under $20, like this vintage letter M flag.

It’s a cute shop and — since branding has been on our minds a lot lately with my blip in the last Friday Reader Roundup and Mary’s post yesterday — I’ll note that it really nails the branding.

#, #, #

I spent some time with my family today and in usual fashion we went searching for some deals. My mom bought me these beautiful red tulips for $5. I paired them with my lovely, little yellow Hall teapot. This yellow, red, and green combo makes me so happy.

After our grocery store stop for the flowers, we headed to Goodwill. So. Many. Good. Buys. My sister got some great shoes and things for her apartment and I got these… A vintage Vera scarf for $2, brand new kitten heel Seychelles for $7, and a great neutral pair of Dunes suede platforms for $7. All so comfortable and such good prices.  Do you know anything about Dunes? They seem high quality and are super comfy.

With the scarf, I’m going to be revisiting the 10 Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf post from A Beautiful Mess.

Lastly, this lovely little brass pot didn’t come from today but from an Estate sale yesterday. I love estate sales on Sundays. Yes, everything is pretty picked through but it’s all 50% off! This little pot was $3. Perfect for my Christmas cactus. I think I want to make it dull and shiny like Ashley’s DIY over at Design Sponge.


I’m linking up over at Thrift Share Monday with Apron Thrift Girl.

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This weekend is my friend ReAnne’s birthday weekend, so I’m venturing to Topeka for dinner at a nice restaurant and then possibly/probably heading out for after-dinner drinks at a bar in town. We are doing this in spite of ReAnne’s birthday party dream being a skating party. The reason we’re not having a skating party is because ReAnne is a 3rd year law student who had a dream that she had a skating party for her birthday and fell and hit her head and got a concussion that she only realized she had when she took a law school final and could only say the same thing over and over on it. So basically, we are not going skating because ReAnne is paranoid that she is prescient.

As a birthday gift of meanness, I’m planning a skating party for this week’s Etsy treasury.

Awesome 50’s Hustler Met…


SALE Vintage Colt Rollerskat…


40% SALE – Antique Roller Sk…


Vintage REALISTIC Retro 1960…


Rock and Rollerskate Earring…


Vintage Rollerskates – 11 X …


Vintage Rollerskate Wheels, …


Original Tintype Lapel Pin: …


Vtg 6 Transistor Red Plastic…


Rollerskate Stained Glass Fi…


One thousand wash white Roll…


Awesome Light Blue Striped 1…


Vintage 70s Bear Lair camp s…




Roller Derby Skates Womens N…


We’ll just have to see if her birthday dinner beats three kinds of vintage roller skates, hand-held transistor radios, cleverly screen-printed tees, ringer tees (omg, you guys, ringer tees!), and little cotton track shorts. Also, those vintage wheels are just begging for a clever DIY. I’ll have to get to thinking of one, asap.

#, #, #, #, #

This weekend I got in some serious estate sale and thrift shopping! Whoo-hoo!

I got this sweet 3.5 quart Asta enamelware pot. I got it for $7.50 and think it’s awesome. I don’t really need a new pot, but how cute will this be serving some caramelized shallots?!

Asta is mostly known for these pots below, and so I was super excited to see something so updated and modern by them.


My favorite buy was this bookshelf from Goodwill for $12.99. I was totally shocked to see that price. The Goodwill by my house gets such a high volume of traffic and donations that they overprice everything. Especially vintage. Those folks know their market and people totally pay their prices. So, I was stoked by the $12.99 sticker. Side note: does your Goodwill put a MILLION stickers on the furniture?!! I totally get that it’s because of people switching out the stickers or something but damn it’s annoying.

I’ve got some plans for those little legs. Remember this post? My lane cedar chest might just be the perfect spot for those legs. I love the gold ferrels and they are the perfect height for my cedar chest. I love them on the bookshelf too, but I don’t really have a spot for that bookshelf. So, the legs are going on the cedar chest and the bookshelf will go in my closet to house shoes. That way, if I decide to one day remarry the shelf to its little legs, it’ll be no problem.

My haul also included a battery powered lawnmower! Do you have one? I’ve already used it to mow the back and front yard and LOVE it! Seriously, I think it’s my best estate sale find ever. It’s eco friendly and totally works for what I need. Awesome.

What did you find this weekend?

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Oh my, oh my…the vintage quilt gods shined there lovely little faces my way this weekend! I hit up the City Wide Garage sale on Saturday. It’s an event that comes to Austin every few months or so. I love it but sometimes it can be hit or miss, but this weekend it was a total hit!


These folks with the linens piled sky high are my absolute favorite vendors! They always have about 15 tables stacked with vintage shirts, chenille blankets, aprons, napkins, table cloths, pillow cases, and quilts.

This time they had a table labeled “old quilts”. The old quilts table was $9!!! NINE DOLLARS! ANNND, on Sunday each table is marked half price. OMG. I wish I would have been able to go on Sunday…

This is the back of the quilt above. Perfect, right? I was able to get two (TWO!) cute, eclectic quilts. They are going to make the most adorable picnic blankets. Seriously, it’s pretty ridiculous how excited I get about blankets.

There’s not much rhyme or reason to this little lovely, but the back (below) is so sweet and pretty.

I love to look at the eclectic mix of fabric and pick out my favorites.

This cat with red shoes cracks me up. I think the person who made this blanket just used left over fabric and I like to imagine that they made themselves a killer button-up shirt with this kitty print. Hehe.

I’m excited to enjoy my backyard with these this summer! It’ll be a perfect date with this little lady.

Happy Monday!

I’m linking up with Her Library Adventures and Apron Thrift Girl.

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Copper Coffee Date by Etsy

I love copper hues and I love coffee. Why not put them together? That industrial copper hanging light totally looks like it belongs in a coffee shop with worn leather furniture and the smell of espresso. Place some chocolate covered coffee beans in that beautiful paper mache bowl and use the espresso tamper made from a block of copper and a vintage brass doorknob.

I love how that copper-y orange color in the table cloth ties it all together while adding some pops of color. I imagine the copper gilded driftwood and cut moose doorstop as the perfect table centerpieces. Serve up the coffee in those beautiful copper and ceramic mugs and some yummy pastries on those handmade copper glass plates. Fun!

Hope you loved this roundup of beautiful copper and coffee inspired products. Have a wonderful Thursday!


‘Copper Coffee Date’ by mamarcum

Industrial Copper Hanging Li…


Paper Mache Vessel White and…


Espresso Tamper Made of Copp…


Dining Table Runner, Cloth T…


Cast Iron Moose/Deer Doorsto…


Linen napkin set of 6 Classi…


Copper Gilded Driftwood Bran…


Glass Plates in Copper (Two …


Copper and Porcelain Coffee …


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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