I don’t know what it is, but it seems like it takes me about a year to feel like I’m finally at home in a room. Before that, it can be a very frustrating time trying to cull a collection of furniture and accessories that makes a place feel right.

We’ve been working slowly room by room to get furniture upcycled and arranged to our liking and I think I finally hit my groove in the living room when I did some rearranging and art hanging last weekend. I’m actually amazed that almost everything in there is something that we already had in our house!

Now for some embarassing before photos. The floorplan came to me in a vision and when I got home from work motivated to start it I was not so motivated to clean.

I am warning you to be prepared.

That little wood side table was a gift from my mom and has become a catchall/eyesore in the living room. As you can see, it has a drill, a bouquet of flowers that Kyle gave me, a Wii case, some magazines, and a bra. You can’t even play a game of one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other with that assortment. Unless the tie that binds is that only the bouquet of flowers belongs in the living room.

This view of the living room isn’t so bad. Other than the part where it’s also not that clean. In this case, most of the mess is leftover productivity from the night before.

Now for what I did:

  • Swapped the small side table by the TV with the big side table by the couch
  • Moved the big side table to the wall to the left of the tv
  • Dragged the TV shelf out just a little so it would be the same depth as the big side table
  • Moved an arm chair in from upstairs to the space next to the big side table
  • Switched the couch and the loveseat
  • Painted some paintings to make a vignette to the left of the tv
  • Hung a gallery wall with some square photo frames we’ve been holding onto since Memorial Day

Are you following?

Of course not.  But here at SoEclectic we don’t have a production budget that let’s us do sweet step-by-step animations so let’s just look at the after photos.

This is the gallery wall. We need to add some pictures to the frames but this is motivation enough to do that.

And the new chair + vignette that draws a little focus away from the TV. I’ll probably change that ampersand painting. Kyle’s not sold on it yet.

And the whole room.

What an incredible change! We’ve already been so much better about spending just a little bit of time in the evening cleaning it and last week I was so excited just to get home to it.  Now to add photos to those frames and keep plugging away at the rest of it.

#, #, #

I still don’t have anything hardly hanging on my walls. We moved in to our house at Halloween of last year, so we’ve been there about eleven months, and at first it was acceptable to not have things hanging on our walls because we weren’t done banging on the walls and creating a ruckus in other rooms. Now, it’s just embarassing to basically live in the house equivalent of a furniture show room. We really need to finish the touch up painting and fill our walls with something a little interesting. We have a pile of frames for a collage wall, and I have an idea where the various pieces in our art collection will hang, but I have a lot leftover.

Good thing Pinterest exists, am I right?

I think you decorate an entire house with just easy wallhanging DIYs from Pinterest. And maybe that’s what I’m planning!

I really love the simplicity of this puff-paint wallhanging from Virginia and Charlie.

She took this pattern from Gelakins

and turned it into a beautiful wallhanging with just a spare canvas, some wax paper, and puff paint.

I don’t know that the white on white is exactly what I’m looking for but it’s such a clever idea! It would be really easy to recreate with a different color scheme or a different pattern.

As long as I’m talking about Gelaskins I should toss out there that they have a whole line of really beautiful skins for smartphones (not just iphones!!) and Kindles and all kinds of gadgets. So if you’re in the mood to get distracted from thinking about your blank walls (I am) you can try to get inspired by thinking about how pretty and personalized your electronics could be.

Also all over pinterest are variations of these melted crayon art projects: 

These turn out really pretty but the line of crayons left at the top isn’t quite my thing. I like the 3D part but I think that this could look a lot classier if you peeled off (or painted over) the crayons at the top.

Be Different, Act Normal has a great roundup of crayon art projects that yield some really cute results.

I also noticed that a museum I used to live near had an artist installation (about wildfire) that used this same technique to generate a 3-d sculptural result. It could be simplified to make a little sculpture for a shelf.

I’ve also seen a lot of embroidery hoop swatch wall hangings. With all of the options for fabric, you could go so many different directions with this. It would be a lot of fun to paint the embroidery hoops, too, so they look more updated. I’m thinking metallic paint!

I think the project is really straightfoward but why don’t you check out the tutorial at Purlbee!

My final pinterest-discovered DIY wallhanging is from Distant Bloggers and it’s a little more sculptural. This vase wall-hanging is pretty easy but with just a few new cut or fake flowers you can change the whole feel of it!

Get the step-by-step Creative Minds Without Borders on Tumblr.

I’m serious about needing to get some things up on my walls so share any ideas you’ve pinned lately in our comments and I’ll be sure to check them out!

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