Before I dive into this “how to”, I have to ask…What do you watch/listen to while you craft? I watch Glee. It’s fun, easy to listen to, and I don’t have to keep my eyes on the TV the whole time. Anywho…

I grabbed a whole bunch of frasier fir tree trimmings in the fresh tree section at Home Depot. Did you know that they just pile up all of the tree trimmings and you can grab as much as you like? Isn’t that cool? I’ve also heard that you can do this at most places where they trim the fresh trees for you. The nice guys at Home Depot put it through their netting for me so it created and easy way to carry it all back to my car.

I grabbed a bunch of the bottoms that were cut off the trees. That’s how I made the “M <3 B” part. You could use those for so many things. Coasters, ornaments, bunting, etc. I’m still on the fence if I like my final design or not, but hey there’s always next year!

Alright, here goes….

Along with my pile of tree trimmings, the supplies I grabbed were: floral wire, hot glue, red fabric, grapevine wreath for $3 at Hobby Lobby (I used a coupon), and scissors.

I also grabbed my tree trimmers, some of the branches were too thick for kitchen shears.

Next, I just grabbed each branch and laid it on my wreath.

 I used the floral wire to secure it to the wreath. I used a lot because you could barely see it. You can see it here at the tip of my scissors.

 After I had the whole wreath wrapped, I secured it more. Then I grabbed my scissors and tree trimmers and trimmed away.

 I love that it looks rustic and woodsy. It’s not perfect but it only cost me $3!!!

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