Summer of Citrus

I am obsessed with citrus this summer. I go through a lemon or more a day in iced tea, and I want spritzes of lemon or lime on or in everything. I can’t get enough calimari!

Let’s celebrate citrus!

1. Vintage juice jar lemon yellow typography by reconstitutions; 2. Yellow Pitcher by MommyLovesVintage on Etsy; 3. Neon lime and linen white tray by Fairyhome on Etsy; 4. TWOPACK Recycled Corona Beer Bottle Slumped by BoulderDesign; 5. Chocolate Brown Clutch Handbag / Lemon Yellow by KellysKeepsakes.

Bright lemon and lime colors work perfectly with neutrals. Now I’m thirsty for more lemon-sweetened tea, again!

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I am really into this pastels trend for spring, and yellow is my favorite color, so naturally it’s my favorite pastel. I thought I’d round up some pretty pale yellow home decor and supplies.



Leather Journal, Pale Yellow…


Felted Stones, pebbble rock …


TREASURY ITEM Vintage Stacki…


Vintage (2) Matching Boonton…


Mellow Yellow Flowers and Bu…


X marks the spot – Embroider…


Pale yellow mid century side…


Adorable 1950s Cake Carrier …


Vintage Pitcher Pale Yellow …


vintage pale yellow 1960’…


Vintage Fiestaware Pale Yell…


I tried to keep things less spendy after last week’s extravagant orange, elephant, and paisley party. Everything here is around 30 dollars or worth a little extra — like the mid century side table which is a total steal at $92.

There are a lot of super cute finds on the top row. I haven’t really seen any felted stones before, but they look like they’d be perfect to fill a little dish rather than just leaving it entry. I also love the flowers and buttons dessert plate. How delicious would chocolate cake look served on that?

The shops that found their way into this treasury are totally worth checking out too. The x-marks the spot embroidery decoration is by Goose and Trisser whose shop is full of all kinds of adorable embroidery. PaperMoonbyKAT is also full of cute cotton goodie bags, bakers twine, and notecards. I love the soft palette of everything in the shop.



Hall China

Jess is away on a much deserved vacation this week, so I’m popping in my own tidbits for our regular Thursday Tea Time. I’ve got my own tiny collection (2) of tea pots that sit in my kitchen and I love.

I love their color. Light yellow and bright red.

Also, they are Hall China. Two years ago I went to an Estate sale and bought the yellow one for 3 bucks. I love it. It needed a really good cleaning with some vinegar. My lovely little red teapot (a newer Hall piece), I got at Thistle on my visit to Kansas City. It’s so cheery and I love the geometric shape.

I don’t know much about The Hall China Company. I know they make quality pieces and the company started in the early 1900s. It’s still around today. Here’s a great collector’s site that might be able to help you date pieces.

It’s clear to me that my yellow one is much older. The mark stamp is not the same as the more modern pieces, but I still can’t seem to find a definite date. Any ideas?

Here’s the bottom of the red one.

Definitely a new Hall piece because of the shape around the logo.

Do you have any other tidbits about Hall China? Do you collect them yourself?

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